BS-17 Cymberleah


Welcome to The Enchanted Forest. In this land of castle and cottage, lake and waterfall, dwell creatures who are gentle and those who are fierce--rulers, sages crafters and healers, as well as all manner of beings that can only be classified as magical. Each has a story to tell.

Meet Cymberleah, Guardian of The Enchanted Forest. All who inhabit this magical land are under her protection. Her eyes and ears are the forest's wild creatures whose finely tuned senses forewarn of danger or need. Legend has it that Cymberleah and her faithful wolf companion, Vartan, were the first inhabitants of The Enchanted Forest. This is a land of perfect peace and balance and Cymberleah invites you to join her in the world of Enchantra. The belief in magic is fragile, and so are the boundaries of Enchantra. Danger may be found in forms of magic or in the simple disbelief of what cannot be seen, touched or heard. Suspend reality for a while and enter The Enchanted Forest where Kings, Queens and Gnomes reside--but more about them later...

Stitching Notes:

Stitched on 32 count Dirty Linen. Stitch count is 159 x 259. Finished size is 10" x 16".

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Cymberleah is copyright ©1996 by Karen Weaver of Black Swan Designs