BS-18 Merrick


Merrick, Wizard of the Sea, is said to be one of the ancients. The sea of Llyr is his home and no one may set foot on Enchantra's shore without his approval. All creatures of the sea look to him for protection and guidance. The dolphin possess his own ancient wisdom and is Merrick's devoted companion.

Legend Speaks of a time before Enchantra existed - a time when wizards and magicians freely walked far-distant lands. No one could imagine a force strong enough to banish magic from those distant shores, but it is said that four powerful wizards were driven to ground. Chaos and tyranny filled the void in that world.

The wizards, however, never ceased to exist. Their energy flowed separately, at first, over space and time until all four strengthened and merged.....

And Enchantra was born.

Stitched on 32 count Belfast Blue Spruce. Stitch count is 196 x 272. Finished size is 12" x 17".

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Merrick is copyright ©1997 by Karen Weaver of Black Swan Designs